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Starting a community flood resilience group

If your community suffers from flooding, or is at risk from future flood events, forming a community based flood resilience group can be an effective way to increase resilience to flooding.

Local groups closely reflect the interests of their communities and differ from area to area, depending on the particular issues faced by those communities and it is our role to provide help and ongoing support to such groups in flood risk areas – we have helped many community resilience groups in flood risk areas to set up throughout Scotland working closely with flood risk communities and responsible authorities.

Click here for a map showing many of the community groups we have provided support to, and to see if there is a group operating near you.

Group constitution templates

Developing a constitution for your community resilience group:

A group can adopt a constitution to set out its aims and how it works and this helps to demonstrate that the group is a democratic, accountable and a legitimate community body.

A constitution is simply the aims and rules that a community group will use. It’s a statement of what the group is going to do and how it is going to do it. A standard basic constitution for a community flood resilience group usually contains the following sections.

Name Aims Membership
The Committee Representing Local Views Annual General Meeting
Conduct Of Members Changes To Constitution Finances
Dissolution Adoption Equal Opportunities

We have provided a template for both a simple constitution and a more complex one for a group ready to have a formal committee. Please download these and amend them for your group’s use.

Basic constitution template
Advanced constitution template

Guide to chairing meetings

Most of us learn to chair meetings by being put in a position of chairing meetings!

However, sometimes a little support in thinking through what your role is; how you will make the most of the skills and talents in the room and how you will manage any conflict while keeping the meeting on track can be helpful.

Here is our guide on chairing meetings and do get in touch if you would like information about when we will be delivering our chairing community group meetings training.

Chairpersons Information Pack

Setting up a bulk buying PLP scheme

One benefit of a setting up a group, can be the ability to investigate purchasing your community’s property level flood protection equipment under one contract. Some communities have had great success in this, others have decided not to go down this route. We can help you decide which is the right route for you and if you would like a little more information, do read our case study of one group that chose this route:

Videos – case studies of the impact and work of our groups

John from the Ballater & Crathie Flood Issues Group promotes property flood resilience

John is a member of the Ballater Resilience Group and of the Ballater & Crathie flood issues group – a subgroup of the local community council. Here he and Paul Laidlaw of the SFF talk about how the group is supporting residents prepare for flooding, and how a community approach can help individuals be more resilient to flooding