Local authority and other organisations support

Practical solutions

Scottish flood forum integrated flood recovery programme – our proposed offer

This note gives you an overview of our holistic recovery “offer” and is intended to act as a conversation starter to help us work with you to agree where we can best provide support, in advance of flooding in your area.

Useful case studies

Our experience shows that our work in supporting community development in flood risk areas is most productive when undertaken in partnership with the local authority and other agencies. Community engagement has many elements, so rather than describe all the options; we have collated a number of case studies where different forms of community engagement in flood risk areas has been successful. In some of these case studies, the Scottish Flood Forum’s role is front and centre. However in many cases it is in the background or our advice was requested in one particular element. The case studies are community focused and our role is to support engagement with flood risk communities.

Edzell Flood Group

Supporting Community Action through a Local Flood Plan (PDF)

Flood Risk Community Relationships

Improving Relationships with a Flood Risk Community (PDF)

Flood Warden Scheme

Developing community resilience through a flood warden scheme (PDF)

Menstrie Primary School

Engaging flood risk communities through the local primary school (PDF)

Creating Community Flood Protection (PDF)

Community development and engagement

A pilot good practice framework to support engagement with flood risk communities has been created by the SFF, under contract to the National Centre for Resilience. It is currently hosted on Resilience Direct.